How the AHL Changed My Life: My Story




While I may have an “about me” page on this blog, I really want to tell every one of my beginning into the field of sports.

I give all my thanks to the American Hockey League, and more particularly, the Texas Stars.

I took the phrase “do what you love” and did it.

sit down, it’s storytime.

Coming out of high school, I attended a program through UMass Amherst (now one of my rival schools) all about sports management. Even though I came out of that program with the knowledge of the field, I also came out scared and slightly worried that finding a job in the field that I love (and now breathe) would be very difficult.

That’s where the AHL came in for me.

Living in the middle of Texas doesn’t allow for much opportunities in the field of hockey, but I remember attending a minor league for my birthday a year prior.

I decided to venture on to their website at the time, and see what openings they had for positions, as I wanted to see if I was heading in the right direction with my degree plan.

Behold, there was a position open that didn’t require a college degree,

and I hit that “apply” button.

I literally went on to that site to plan my future, and I decided to begin it right then and there.

For those who don’t know anything regarding what I have done for the past year and a half, I worked with the Texas Stars of the American Hockey League, as a member of the co-ed spirit squad, the Ice Patrol.

One of my favorite nights, TEDDY BEAR TOSS!!

While to everyone in sports, this may seem like a bottom-of-the-barrel job, but for me, this meant so much more.

I started that job with no knowledge of the sports industry, and I didn’t know where to even begin. I ended it with great friendships and valuable knowledge that got me to where I am today.

While you may see applying tattoos on kids’ soft faces as a chore, I saw it as an opportunity.

While you may see me watching enthusiastic fans on the ice dressed as BBQ sauce bottles fall, I saw it as a dream.

I probably couldn’t continue my journey in working in sport without the opportunities that the Texas Stars gave me.

While our first season tracksuits looked like prison uniforms, they were the meaning of a beginning for me.

Plus, they were super comfy. I actually still have mine.

My first season, I was the youngest one on the Ice Patrol, and the only that wasn’t of drinking age.

I ended my last season as one of the veterans, but still not of drinking age.


I did two jobs at the same time, while being a full time college student. I worked at a grocery store, and started that before the AHL.

Let’s just say the AHL one was better…

I also started and ended it as it being one of the greatest experiences in my entire life.



So, where do I stand now?

I left the Ice Patrol mid-season this year to study Marketing at the University of Maine, in hopes of doing what my boss at Stars did, become a Director of Marketing for a successful sports team. The Stars helped me decide what in sports I want to pursue. Maybe I’ll return to the Stars, but who knows at this point.

I still work sports but in a different way. I work both Marketing and Statistics for the University of Maine athletics. I’ve also considered venturing out into other sports too, like baseball and football (shocker, I know). The Ice Patrol is probably a big reason I got a job in the middle of the year at Maine.

My sports part of my resume has grown. Similar people I have met don’t have the same experience on their resume as I do, and that gives me the reassurance that I am heading in the right direction. Sports takes up OVER HALF of my current resume.

All because of the Texas Stars and the AHL.

Before I end this post, I just want to thank the AHL and the Texas Stars for being a stepping stone for me. The AHL isn’t just a development league for players, but for staff as well. I have my Stars logo proudly displayed on my laptop every single day. It’s actually displayed right next to my Boston Bruins sticker.

I’ve never actually considered me a Stars fan, but after working for an amazing organization like them, I think I might just have to.

Well, maybe just the Texas Stars.

But, I guess you can say I have a second NHL team.


If you are a sports fan wanting to work in the field someday, it’s never too early (or too late) to start looking! Here are some great links for the curious fan:

UMass Summer Pre College (great for HS students, I loved it, its well worth it!!)

Job Search for AHL (not saying you have to look at AHL, but great for looking for jobs, and what degree you should follow for a certain job)!

Take Your Eye Off the Puck (random, but it allowed me to get more into the statistics world of things, and got me to pursue the statistics field in sport).

Interested in studying sport? (this link provides a list of ALL sport management schools in the country. Even though I don’t attend one, this list was very helpful!!)

For any questions regarding the industry, don’t hesitate to contact me at the email in the Contact section of the right side of this blog.

always follow your dreams

and as always, fear the bear



All About ^AHC: Creator of Bruins at the Gahden

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 8.06.40 PM

I never really have much to say in these, but I thought I should introduce myself!

My name is Allie and I am currently a Junior at the University of Maine. I was also a member of the AHL Texas Stars Ice Patrol (promotions team) for two seasons.

I currently study Marketing at Maine, along with working for the Athletic Department for them, primarily in Men’s Ice Hockey. I also recently completed at hockey internship at Minnesota Hockey Camps, located in Nisswa, Minnesota.

Did I mention I am from no where near Boston?

I’m from Austin, Texas, home of the Dallas Stars AHL affiliate, the Texas Stars!

I have been watching hockey for as long as I can remember. My dad was raised in Michigan and Philadelphia and grew up watching (as a penguins fan!), but I just fell in love with watching the sport. The Boston Bruins have always been a team that stood out to me. They are a team that never gives up, and neither do their fans. I love the camaraderie and the intensiveness of the game of hockey.

Considering I have never lived near Boston, I actually have been to a Bruins game!  My first NHL game was January 20th, 2015, which was a Bruins at Stars at the American Airlines Center. Bruins Fans outnumbered Stars Fans. It was great. I also had the amazing opportunity from the Boston Bruins and JetBlue to attend the Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes game on April 5th, 2016.

With my father recently retired from the military, my dad and I have more time to spend time with each other, and sometimes that means watching hockey games with me. He actually took me to my first game, just him and I, and it was great bonding time. He may not be a Bruins fan, but he’s not a fan of any team at all. He just watches the game, which I do sometimes as well. (I’m actually watching a Blackhawks vs Predators game as I type this.)

My favorite sports blogs include Weekend at Bergy’s, Days of Y’Orr, and Puck Daddy from Yahoo.

I hope you all enjoy my opinions, stories, and pre and post game overviews. I put my heart and soul into them, like the NHL players do on the ice. Being from Boston doesn’t mean I cannot be a Bruins fan. I am a Bruins fan in my heart and I always will.

fear the bear.