From Texas to Boston: My First Time

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Hey guys!

This has been a long offseason, with not much really happening.

I have been awfully busy with the extra work hours and summer college courses and such, that I forgot to post something!


I shall discuss my first Bruins home game!


Let me do a little throwback to February, I was supposed to go to the Dallas vs Boston game that month and then something happened, and I couldn’t go.

I was sad (more because I sold my lower bowl tickets for $90), who wouldn’t be?

That night when I confirmed that I couldn’t go to the game for sure, I saw the tweet for the JetBlue contest the Bruins do, where they send a lucky out of state bruins fan, to a Bruins game IN BOSTON for free, all expenses paid.

Even though I knew I don’t ever win *anything*, I decided to enter in on a whim, literally, the night entries were due.

I submitted my entry and then forgot about it.

Fast Forward a month later, I was getting ready for work, and I got an email from a rep from the Bruins (I at first thought it was blog related) and he wanted to know a good time to call. I told him now was a good time and he called a few minutes later.

This is when it happens.

I was told I won the JetBlue contest that I thought I wouldn’t win.

I was going to the GAHDEN.

After I got off the phone with the rep, I came in my house (in tears) and ran to my dad and said,

“We are going to Boston!”

My dad was the one going with me, no questions asked.

I, unfortunately, had to work that day, but I told everyone who would listen about what happened earlier that day. I couldn’t hold my excitement. One of my dreams was coming true, and I am still in shock that I actually WON something. I always lose at anything (which is the main reason I don’t play fantasy sports).

Once I got my game confirmation and my flight confirmations, a countdown was on.

April 5th, 2016. Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes.


The day finally comes, and I woke up at 3:30 to catch my flight to New York at 6, to catch the connecting flight to Boston.

Before I start everything, this will probably be known as the longest I have gone without sleeping.

We land at Boston Logan, and we are instantly greeted off the plane by (two?) of the Ice Girls and Blades. I seriously was so excited, yet so tired, that all of this went by so quickly. I remember walking to the car, and everyone was looking at my Dad and me, cause we were with Blades. I took a picture with the Ice Girls and Blades, and then we were escorted to our car to take us to the hotel.

One thing I want to mention is the weather. Texas in April is 70 to 80 degrees (imagine a Boston summer, but hotter). Shorts and sandals are the attire, and jackets and boots are already packed away. However, when we went to Boston, we landed in 30-degree weather, with some snow and ice on the ground.

Not gonna lie, I was excited for some snow, which I haven’t seen since I lived in Virginia.

But, I had to buy winter boots the day I left. They are actually still in my closet since I have had no need to wear them since.

My dad and I spent the rest of our day getting some Mike’s Pastry (for some awesome Cannolis) and Halftime Pizza for some huge pizza slices (thanks, reddit).

After pizza, we made our trek to the Garden, went to look at the Pro Shop (I wanted everything), and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the best night of our lives.

Our first time at the Gahden.

We got there right when the doors opened, went to the pro shop (again) and then walked into the garden itself. I remember looking around in awe, at the Cup banners, retired numbers, and the black and gold seats all over the arena.



It looks like it does on the TV, but bigger and more magical.

A dream had come true.

The closer we got to puck drop, the more excited we got. The lower bowl started to get full, and the atmosphere was super awesome. The people who say that Bruin fans are rude are wrong, I actually think that the crowd was better than Dallas tbh.

The players finally started skating out for warm-ups. My heart was beating so fast and I was so excited that I was shaking a little. I look back at some of the videos I took that night, and some of them were a little shaky. I guess seeing all the players skate against the glass in front of you can be a little terrifying.


One of Bergy’s faceoffs

Even though Carolina scored that first goal, the atmosphere when Loui scored the first goal was amazing.

Goal lights on. Zombie Nation on. Wooing and clapping everywhere.

This was seriously, one of the highlights of my night.

We high fived the people around us, and then like everyone else, concentrated on the game we need to win, because playoffs.

Another highlight of my night was about to happen.

I got to go on Garden ice. Something not everyone gets to do.

This is kinda funny actually.

I was doing shoot the puck on the ice. This is actually something I organize at work. I am the one who give the participants the puck and stick. I was on the other side of that.

They announced all the prizes I had a chance at getting.

Tuukka signed puck and a team signed jersey were among the prizes.

I went on the ice with my Bergeron jersey and attempted to shoot the best that I could.

I didn’t win anything, but I was pretty close to the farthest shot, which would have won me ALL the prizes.

I still went home with a Bruins official puck! (Which is in the cabinet in the living room)


I went back to my seat with the people around me high fiving me and saying I did pretty good. That was kinda nice, but I thought I did pretty bad. I watched the rest of the game from my seat.

I will say, I got to go to the most exciting game.

I went to a sudden death SHOOTOUT!


Shootouts are the best, but the worst games to go to.

More hockey for your buck, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

My heart was pounding and I was sweating until the very end.

Even though the Bruins lost 2-1 that night, this is the best night I have ever had with my dad.

We were able to take our hockey bond to the next level, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more (except for maybe a win).

We got back to our hotel that night and went straight to bed, cause we had to be at Logan the next morning to catch a flight back to good ol Texas.

I didn’t want to come home (or go to class that next day) but I am already looking at going to Boston again for Bruins and Stars (but in BOSTON this time!).

This is not an ad BUT

thank you to JetBlue and the Boston Bruins for sending this Bruins obsessed girl (and her dad) to Boston to live out one of her dreams.

Thank you to the Bruins fans in general. The B’s seriously have the best fans in the world and didn’t make me feel bad when I missed the dang net!

and thanks to Blades for giving the best bear hug I will probably ever get.


Consider this post as a return to more blogging. More and more hockey news is coming the closer we get to the season, meaning more things to post.

see ya in October!



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