Why /r/hockey hates the Boston Bruins

margaret is turning

I love reddit, I really do.

Reddit is my favorite tool to use for blogging. It allows me to know what you guys want, and also gives me some nifty gifs to use for my future writing. Over half of the GIFs on my computer are probably from reddit, not gonna lie.

The subreddit I frequent the most, /r/hockey, is also one of the most popular subreddits on the site. Every time I open to the front page, I see something relating to Toronto or John Scott.

Every. Dang. Time.

But, one thing I noticed on r/hockey is how often Bruins related comments get downvoted, even if it’s a positive thing.

So it got me thinking, why does the hockey subreddit hate anything that relates to the Boston Bruins?

If you say anything, it can be smart, stupid, brilliant, or comedic, but you have a Bruins related flair next to your username, you will be downvoted or attacked. You are essentially a magnet for the downvotes that should be given to other users, but they are given to you instead.

Want to express how much you think Sidney Crosby cries himself to bed every night?

BOOM. Roasted. People are complaining you are wrong and how you should be ashamed.

If you want to post about how Chris Neil should have been suspended for eye gouging Adam McQuaid, people will say that Neil “was being himself” and get on the side that says that he did nothing wrong.


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.49.51 AM

Yet, the posts that are upvoted a bunch are the ones that link to a twitter status that says the exact same thing as the post title. These type of posts get a bunch of uproots for essentially stealing someone else’s words.


The New England success rate. Boston’s sports teams are famous for being successful. The Patriots are hated by a bunch of people in the NFL. The Red Sox for the MLB. The Bruins aren’t much different. A lot of people don’t want to see another championship with a Boston team in it because of how much we have dominated in the recent years.

Our reputation. The “Big Bad Bruins” style of play is what we are known for. r/hockey seems to think that means we play dirty. They think that Bruins should have penalties called against us, rather than in our favor. That already freaking happens, your tanking Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t need the win that bad.

Yes, we know that Marchand was being a pest. We know that we had Lucic and his punchable face. But, it shows that they did a great job of irritating the opposition. They simply did their jobs. Trust me, if Marchy was on another team that wasn’t the Bruins, I’d hate him too.

He’s skilled and physical.

A great combo.

We don’t even have Lucic on our team anymore, he’s on the Kings.

So go hate on the Kings.

God knows Canadiens fans LOVE mentioning that Chara hit on Pacioretty. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT GET OVER IT. Chara is the tallest man in the league at 6 foot 9, so any hit is gonna be different than a hit from Sidney Crosby.

The Boston Bruins are slowly moving away from the look of a “dirty” team. Charas contract expires soon. Zac Rinaldo is probably never gonna come back. Lucic is gone.

The past is gone, it’s not here anymore.

Though, I do know why Maple Leafs fans hate us.

it was 4 to 1.


see you in october




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