LSB: Three Fights, Four Seconds



*Lone Star Bruins is a series discussing Bruins/Stars history and more, leading up to the big game in Dallas on February 20th.*

Welcome to day four of Lone Star Bruins!

To kinda go with the last post, I will be writing about another fight, but this one is more recent.

And by recent, I mean that the Dallas Stars were actually in Dallas and NOT the Minnesota North Stars.

Travel back to Feburary 3rd, 2011 in the TD Garden. Puck drops.

And already, fists are thrown and gloves are taken off of the hands of Steve Ott and Gregory Campbell. Literally one second into the game. It didn’t last long, and Campbell skated off the ice, and into the tunnel, with a bloody face.

*in classic tv ad voice* AND THAT’S NOT ALL

Literally one second later, on the exact same spot on the face off, Shawn Thornton and Krys Barch decided to drop the gloves. Thornton had both the height and weight advantage, by one inch and 9 pounds. Thornton won the fight, in what ended up being the 12th fighting major so far that season. Thornton and Barch fight twice before this game as well (2/10/2007 and 11/1/2008).


Two seconds later, and the faceoff is finally taken care of. But, Adam McQuaid and Brian Sutherby decide that they want another face off, and decide to drop the gloves. With McQuaid having the height advantage and Sutherby with the weight advantage, McQuaid easily won the fight by knocking Sutherby down and onto the ice. This fight was McQuaid’s 9th fighting major and Sutherby’s 8th on the season.

Whoever went to this game got a bang for their buck, literally.

For those who want to see this awesomeness, watch the video down below.

fear the bear









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