LSB: Bruins/North Stars Brawl


*Lone Star Bruins is a series discussing Bruins/Stars history and more, leading up to the big game in Dallas on February 20th.*

Welcome to day three of Lone Star Bruins!

In today’s post, we are starting to look at some fun stuff.


My main goal of this series is showing some history between the two franchises. This includes fights, trades, games, etc.

Keep in mind, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you know this, but the North Stars were relocated to Dallas in 1993. So, basically anything with the North Stars is valid as Dallas Stars history.

I decided to start off the series with a fun one, the brawl between the Boston Bruins and Minnesota North Stars in the 1980-81 season. This brawl set an NHL record, with a grand total of 392 PIM in 84 penalties. Yes. This was ONE GAME. This NHL record stayed for 23 years, until it was broken by the Flyers and Senators. Key players who played in this game include Ray Bourque, Terry O’Reilly, and Mike Milbury. This brawl got so intense, that a cameraman was even involved, mostly because he wouldn’t turn off his camera.

The main reason of the fight?

The North Stars had never won a game at the Garden. At the Garden, the North Stars had a 0-28-7 record. Because of this, North Stars coach Glen Somner wanted to win the game, by starting a brawl with the Bruins.

Which didn’t work, as the Bruins still won the game 5-1.

Here’s a video down below:

fear the bear



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