the great case of ASG 2016

It’s that time of the season.

Everyone is preparing to see John Scott and others run across their television screens.



This year, the all star game voting was wild, with reddit and Puck Daddy backing the motion, we were able, for the first time ever, get the most joked about player in the league into the game successfully.

This hasn’t been the first attempt. It was all about Rory Fitzpatrick a few years back. Fans also backed other joke players, like Rob Scuderi (who placed 24th this year in voting) & Zac Rinaldo. This year, dreams turned into a reality. This is what reddit has been waiting for.

The question I have is,


Turn back to the year 2007. You are an voter, voting in the NHL all star fan vote. It’s the last night for voting, and you see Journeyman Rory Fitzpatrick number one in the leaderboard. Wake up the next morning, and you don’t see him on the roster. What gives?

This year, the same situation happened, except that Scott actually made the roster.

This year, the league is actually sounding like they are listening to what the fans want. They finally realized that you give the fans what they want, we will watch, which will increase revenue.

Fans were lining up, preparing to buy gear and tickets. Then the NHL dropped a bomb.

John Scott was traded to Montreal, who quickly sent him to the AHL, which made fans question his avaliablity for the game. Fear no more, he is still doing the game.

So, how did we break the NHL into making them finally give us what they want?

It’s simple. John Scott is a likeable guy.

And also the NHL is hoping that this will finally be the last one.


John Scott is a good natured guy, who knows that he isn’t the NHL’s star player. You see the tee shirt he made when he scored his first goal of the season. He is looking to bring new life and easiness into the ASG, all while bringing is family along for the fun. This win was (and still is) hockey reddit’s biggest victory.

Another thing I want to mention when is comes to the ASG is the endless list of players who deserved the spot to play, more than others. The two players I felt very deserving were Loui Eriksson and John Klingberg.

For a second year defenseman, Klingberg is having a stellar year. He currently has 6 goals and 34 assists, and the 34 assists are currently 4th in the league with all players. These stats are coming from a player who spent 10 games in the AHL last season before being called up full time in Dallas. He is a very well skating mobile defenseman, who knows offense as well. I love watching his game when there is a Dallas game on TV. He stands out.


Loui Eriksson is having a great contract season. The pending UFA has 15 goals and 24 assists on the season, and the 8 power play goals are currently 8th in the league. His point count at this point in the season put him at a better looking point count than last season. Claude has found the right spot for him, either it is on a like with Bergeron/Marchand or Krejci, he has excelled this season and has been an underrated player outside of Boston.

What did my ASG ballot look like? It looked a little something like this:

Pacific: John Scott (cause why not?) ARI

Central: John Klingberg DAL

Metropolitan: John Tavares NYI

Atlantic: Patrice Bergeron BOS/Loui Eriksson BOS (I switched it up half & half)

Will we see a rise in All Star Fan Vote jokes?

I believe no. With the league implementing a change in the vote beginning next season, we will most likely see a decrease.

What do you guys think?

fear the bear.






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