what can we get for our space? (trade deadline preview)



Since the new year has begun, trades have been all over the NHL. With RyJo going to the Predators and All Star Sniper John Scott going to Montreal, the trades have been crazy.

The Bruins front office and fans alike have expressed their concern for our Blue Line, noting the lack of depth and the plays that we have been making. 3 of our 7 D-Men are currently playing in their first FULL NHL season. (C Miller, Trotman, and Morrow) Yes, is might be good to have fresh, young players, but sometimes veteran presence is always welcome.

That, kids, is when the trade deadline comes into play.

This season, the trade deadline is on February 29th, meaning the month of February is probably gonna be a hot stove of trades. Late night ones, early morning ones, all of them.

For anyone who wants to see a round-up of the job that the LOVELY Peter Chiarelli did last year at the deadline, feel free to click none other than here.

or this, whatever you prefer.

Today, I wanted to discuss everyones two favorite things.

The Salary Cap and Trades.

My goal today is to take our awful cap space that we have, and try to make something beautiful out of it. I want to take the space that we have and expand it the best way possible.

Instead of just listing every single players salary and cap hit on this post, I created a Google Document, that way if anything changes in the Bruins system, I will update it, and you guys can too! It’s a win-win situation. The Doc is linked here, and open edit: HERE.

One thing to keep in mind is that YES, Injured Reserve players do count against the Cap, including Chris Kelly’s ridiculous salary just sitting there. We also still retain part of Milan Lucic’s salary as well.

Looking at the document, we have a little over 2 million dollars left in our space, which leaves us in a little bit of a better situation than last year. Even with the small space we had last year, we were able to make small additions to our team without giving away much.  With the space we have this year, we are able to acquire bigger names to our team and make a long run in the playoff season.

Today, I want to explore some trade possibilities, that make good for both teams, while still not giving away the core part of our team.

One player I am looking at is Washington Capitals Defenseman Dmitry Orlov. The name probably doesn’t sound very familiar to you, but he is a developing young star with potential. A former second round draft pick, who is a pending UFA at the end of this season, this is an opportunity of us. Orlov is a smooth skating offensive defenseman and a quick passer. He isn’t very physical, but we said that about Loui, and look where he is now. Orlov carries a $2,000,000 Cap hit, and has been with the Caps organization since joining the NHL.

The next player I am watching is Sami Vatanen. This isn’t a huge possibility, because he is constantly improving game after game, and is also a fan favorite in Anaheim. With his stats (12 goals, 25 assists, 67 GP 2014-15), he is a raising star and one to watch. With a friendly cap hit of $1,262,500, it wouldn’t hurt to see what we can get for him. He is great moving & carrying the puck and has great speed, which is something we need on the blue line.

A fan favorite in Dallas, Jason Demers is the last Defenseman I want to mention. Last season, Demers had 22 points in 61 games with the stars after being acquired in a trade by the San Jose Sharks. Demers is a great D-Man to have on the power play, with his talent of shooting and distributing the puck.

As a freebee, I wanted to add a Left Wing into the mix. That is one place we need depth. With Kelly about to hit FA, we pretty much have Beleskey and Marchand. I want Mike Hoffman of the Ottawa Senators to be Bruin.

There. I said it.

I have had my eyes set on Hoffman since he entered the league. I have always enjoyed seeing him play. A former all star (rookie team) with great speed and skill is something that I believe we need. Even though he is not very physical, he is adjusting to the NHL caliber of play very well. With a friendly cap hit of $2 million, he is due to be an RFA at the end of the current season.

fear the bear

and as always, ew habs ew








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