Is this season really a rebuild?

Will this season end up like the last?

No playoffs, hope, or Vezina caliber Tuukka?

People often seem to measure how a whole season will turn out based on just the beginning  few games. The beginning games dont measure anything.

Today, I have decided to compare the 12 game starts for the past 5 seasons, including this current season. I put it into an excel spreadsheet to make it look more organized for you guys.

season beginnings

According to my handy dandy chart here, the Bruins have the best Away record in the past few years this season, which is great.


we apparently don’t like playing on our home turf, cause we are at a 1-4-1 record so far this season. Last season, the B’s were at a similar situation, and didn’t make the playoffs last season. Whenever we have a winning situation at both home and away, we seem to go far into the playoffs, as the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons show.

If we are able to improve our home record, which sucks for unknown reasons, we could improve our record to make it in the playoffs.

Can the Celtics mascot come to the home games and bring us luck? (I’m joking, guys)

Kinda though,



As a Bruins Fan, I know we all want the playoffs this season. We want Tuuks to get his cup as a starting goaltender. We want to see Bergy lift the cup with lots of emotion again. We want the feeling that the fanbase gets when we win.

We also want to brag in those Habs fans faces when they don’t win the cup.

I honestly think that we will see more success in this season though. We have shown that our offense has improved. Our leading scorer on the Bruins last season was Patrice Bergeron (who else?), who had 23 goals and 32 assists, which was far from the top 20 in the League. This season, forward David Krejci has 7 goals and 8 assists in just 10 games this season. He is currently tied for fifth in the league in points (with Johnny Gaudreau). It seems we have found our offensive stride.

Brad Marchand was named NHL’s first star of the week of November 2nd, and David Krejci was named the NHL’s Third Star of the month for October.

Krejci for Art Ross?

I am sold.


We still have kinks in our defense, which has pretty much existed since Johnny Boychuk was traded to the Islanders. It has gotten worse since trading away Dougie Hamilton. One player shocking me on the blue line is actually Colin Miller, the rookie who was acquired from the LA Kings in the Lucic trade this past summer.

Miller had a six game point streak (one goal, five assists), and is seeing a good amount of Power Play time behind our great offense. He is currently second in rookie defensemen points, behind Colton Parayko of the Saint Louis Blues. I guess playing next to players like Torey Krug and Zdeno Chara has its perks. He is one to look at.

But that is not the answer to my question.

Is this really a rebuild?

Well, Yes and No.

YES, We may have had some of our core (Lucic, Soderberg, Dougie) leave this past summer. These departures led Bruins fans alike to question who would be there to fill the void that was left behind.

But, We acquired forward Matt Beleskey, who has 2 goals and 3 assists so far this season. He is currently on track to score more than Lucic probably scored last season. Jimmy Hayes, who was acquired in the trade involving Reilly Smith (and Marc Savard’s contract). He currently has 11 points this season so far, and has proven to be a great addition to the Bruins squad. As a bonus, he is from the Boston area.

NO, We didn’t add anyone defensively,

but we have prospects to give us some hope. Matt Irwin and Joe Morrow are my favorite players to look at. Irwin is currently in the P Bruins system, but is showing great promise to be called up soon. Morrow, who is sometimes a healthy scratch, rotating with Zach Trotman, is showing great promise as well. He currently only has one goal (vs ARI) for the season, but we has a grand total of 12 points in last seasons 33 games with the P Bruins.

At the end of this season, we have quite a bit of players leaving us. Players like Chris Kelly, Kevan Miller, Torey Krug, and Loui Eriksson all have contracts at the end of this season.

Yes, Seidenberg is injured (as always). Yes, Kelly is injured. Yes, we lost to the Capitals, again.

But at least we are doing better than Toronto right now.


We are the Bruins Fanbase, and we always B(ruins)elieve.



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