being a female sports fan.

When I attended my UMass Summer Program, I was shocked to find out that I was one of only two girls in the sports management program. I never really realized how much of a male dominated industry it was.

I introduced myself to some of the guys, and they asked me, “What’s your favorite sport?” and of course, I said “Hockey.”


That got a lot of weird looks when I said that. I honestly think they expected me to say something along the lines of Football, since I’m from Texas.

When they asked my favorite team, it’s pretty obvious what I said. Of course, you get all these guys looking at you like you are playing some sort of act, with their eyes rolled and their arms crossed.

There was three different types of boys in my program. There were the ones who go crazy when a girl talks sports, there are the ones annoyed by it, and then there were the ones fact checking every word that came out of my mouth.

I was always part of our group discussions.

One day, we were playing on sporcle. We were playing this quiz where we had to name all the MVP award winners for the Big 4 leagues. I started shouting out all of the winners of the Lindsay/Pearson award.

“Sakic! Lemieux! Hull! Jagr! Nasmund!” and so on.

and boy, did I make those boys shut up.


I feel like I’m on a game show sometimes. The guys always gave me these questions the answer, and they had their laptops next to them, checking what I said. Typically, if I get one wrong, they would laugh about it the whole class, not seriously though.

No, I don’t wear the cute little mittens, or have a Bruins themed handbag. I wear my jersey, with a bruins shirt underneath, to the games I go to. Seriously, some of the women NHL apparel is so cheesy. Go home NHL, you are drunk.

Even though I live in Texas, I am not a bandwagon fan. I don’t need my dad constantly telling me what is going on in the game. I prefer to call a player by their number or nickname.

During Trade Deadline, you bet I am on my phone at sunrise, dealing with the suspense of it. During the offseason, I sob in my head waiting for the season to come back to me.

A bandwagoner doesn’t do those things.

but I DO.

I am a self proclaimed fan of the Boston Bruins.

see you in october.



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