Why Texas is a Hockey State.

txhockey I think I know where all the Hockey fans in the south hide.

They all hide in Texas.

When I was at my UMass sport management program, I was shocked to know that out of all the people there, I was the only one who intensely studied hockey. Being a hockey fan who lives in Texas, we often get weird looks from non-Texan hockey fans when we say we love hockey.

But why?

Do you know that we have the same amount of professional hockey teams as Florida?


Well, now you do! (I blew your mind, right?)

In Texas, we have the Dallas Stars (NHL), San Antonio Rampage (AHL affiliate to Colorado), Texas Stars (AHL affiliate to Dallas), and Allen Americans (ECHL affiliate to San Jose). The Texas Stars won the Calder Cup (AHL’s version of Stanley Cup) in the 2013-14 season and the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in the 1998-99 season, and also consistently sell at least 90% tickets per game. (For reference, the American Airlines Center has a capacity of 19,323 with standing room.). IMG_0573

(American Airlines Center in Dallas)

But also, not all Texas Hockey fans are fans of the teams listed above. When I attended to Bruins vs Stars game at the American Airlines Center, there was a whole section of Bruins fans. We were louder than the Stars fans (and outnumbered them!), and we started the infamous “Let’s go Bruins!” and “Tuuuuukkkk” chants. Also, at the AHL Texas Stars games, I always see a variety of different team jerseys whenever I go.

Consider Texas a country all by itself. We are unique. Living in Austin, many people have moved here over the years because of the increasing amount of growth our city has had in the past years. With that growth, the more and more people we get from the north. At my high school, I have met a Hockey fan everyday. My best friend is a Blues fan. Other fans I have met include; Montreal, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Detroit, etc. We all talk hockey together, and it’s great.

Texas has also had a fair share of Hockey history in our state. Texas is the Birthplace of Jets defenceman Tyler Myers (Houston) Nashville defenceman Seth Jones (Arlington), and former NHL D-Man Brian Leetch (Corpus Christi). We have also had a fair share of hall of Famers (Neal Broten, Mike Modano, Brett Hull, etc) play in our great state. Before you say that Neal Broten isn’t a Hall of Famer, he is in the USHOF. Also, Bruins players Reilly Smith (Texas & Dallas), Matt Fraser (Texas), Tyler Seguin (Dallas), and Loui Eriksson (Dallas) have played in our great state as well. People know hockey here.

My car (with a Bruins sticker on it, no less!) was pretty recognized at my High School last year. I was shocked when I first found out people knew what the Bruins logo was, and I realized that actually loads of Texans watch their hockey, and know it too.

Texas isn’t a state all about Football and Baseball like you think. We love our hockey too. Not only does the ice keep us cool during the crazy heat, but it keeps us sane with the sport played on it as well.

We are the southern state of hockey.

Any questions about Texas and their Hockey? Tweet me (@bruinsatgahden) or comment down below!

For more info about UMass Summer Sport Management, click here. (It’s worth a look, I promise!)

see you in october.



3 thoughts on “Why Texas is a Hockey State.

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