Carl Soderberg Trade Analysis


Looks like the Bruins are moving on from everyone’s favorite swede, Carl Soderberg.

The Boston Bruins have traded the Rights for Soderberg to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for a sixth round pick in the 2016 draft.

What’s really weird was that the sixth round pick was already Boston’s to begin with, from the trade that gave the Bruins Max Talbot in exchange for the forward who could never work it out, Jordan Caron.

Soderberg was set to become a UFA on July 1st, and is seeking a pretty nice contract, with a price tag of about $5 million/season. That price tag is obviously something the Bruins can not work with in their situation. According to ESPN, Soderberg and the Avalanche have already began speaking for terms on a new contract.

This move really made me mad, because we really could have gotten something more than a 6th round Draft pick in 2016. Soderberg did amazing compared to other Bruins this season, and really stepped it up. We deserved a 3rd Round Pick, no less. Also, why 2016? It couldn’t be 2015?

In 161 career NHL games with the Bruins, Carl Soderberg has scored 29 goals and 65 assists, with 13 goals and 31 of those assists coming from this past season.

What also sucks is that I was super super close to meeting Carl in Dallas back in January, and now he’s gone. I’m sad.

At least he’s with some familiar faces from Jarome Iginla and Jordan Caron (If Caron gets resigned, anyway)

see you in october 🙂



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