NHL Awards: From A Bruins Fan’s point of view



I didn’t really “watch” the NHL Awards this year, because I was scheduled to work from 5:30-11, which was so convenient, right?

I did happen to watch highlights when I got home, and I also kept up with it on twitter when I was on break at my work.

I thought since this a pretty full week of the end-of-season stuff for the NHL, and this is something I keep up with, I don’t really keep up with the Draft after Day 1, because the chances are low for a 2nd day draftee to play in the next season.

If you guys want a Draft preview for the Bruins, let me know and I will post it.

With the NHL Awards over, I thought I would go over each award (except for the Art Ross and Rocket Richard), talking about the nominees, who I thought would win, and who won.

Let’s get started!

  • Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy

Awarded for?: Perseverance, Sportsmanship, and Dedication to Hockey.

Nominees: Andrew Hammond (Ottawa), Kris Letang (Pittsburgh), and Devan Dubnyk (Minnesota)

Who Won?: Devan Dubnyk (Minnesota)

Opinion: Devan Dubnyk was my pick to win this trophy. He has gone from a struggling goaltender, to the savior for the Wild. If the Wild didn’t acquire him this season, the Wild would be looking like a whole other team. Without him, the Wild wouldn’t have made the playoffs, and would be probably be rebuilding right now. He deserves so much more next season and all of his hard work has paid off, and it shows.

  • Calder Memorial Trophy

Awarded for?: Rookie of the Season.

Nominees: Aaron Ekblad (Florida), Mark Stone (Ottawa), and Johnny Gaudreau (Calgary)

Who Won?: Aaron Ekblad (Florida)

Opinion: To be honest, when I heard that Daniel Alfredsson was presenting this award, I immediately thought that Mark Stone was going to win this award. Being someone who wanted Gaudreau to win, I’m also happy for Ekblad. This is a tough category this season, we had tons of great rookies make a name for themselves. Aaron Ekblad is a major reason Florida didn’t finish in dead last this season. For someone his age, his skills are phenomenal. I am excited to see what he has for the Panthers next season, and hopefully he can get Florida a chance at the playoffs (if the Bruins make it too.)

  • Hart Memorial Trophy

Awarded for?: MVP of the Regular Season.

Nominees: Carey Price (Montreal), Alex Ovechkin (Washington), and John Tavares (NY Islanders)

Who Won?: Carey Price (Montreal)

Opinion: I’m not shocked. Even though us Bruins fans have a hatred for Montreal and their team, we all admit Carey Price was on point this season. Without him, Toronto could have (I say that very very lightly) been above them in the standings. He led 3/4 major goaltending statistical categories in the regular season, and he brought the Canadiens to the second round of the playoffs, until they were beaten by Tampa Bay. Carey Price has always stood out to me as a great goaltender, but he really stepped it up this season. He’s also a really nice guy too. (Look here.)

  • Jack Adams Trophy

Awarded for?: Coach of the Year

Nominees: Bob Hartley (Calgary), Peter Laviolette (Nashville), and Alan Vigneault (NY Rangers)

Who Won?: Bob Hartley (Calgary)

Opinion: This was a category that was pretty stacked. I already knew that Vigneault was probably not going to win, because his team made the playoffs last and this season. What Laviolette and Hartley did with their teams is quite amazing, and not expected. I hate to say this, but I honestly didn’t realize Nashville had a team until this season, but that’s a good thing actually. Nashville and Calgary really went farther than everyone thought they were, and even made the playoffs. Both teams have great rookies (Gaudreau and Forsberg), and great veterans (Giordano and Weber), and they were definitely the underdogs when it came to this season, and I can’t wait for what next season brings for Nashville and Calgary.Instead of Vigneault being nominated, I felt like Barry Trotz (Washington) deserved to be nominated.

  • James Norris Memorial Trophy

Awarded for?: Best Defenceman

Nominees: PK Subban (Montreal), Erik Karlsson (Ottawa), and Drew Doughty (Los Angeles)

Who Won?: Erik Karlsson (Ottawa)

Opinion: I’m actually surprised to not see Duncan Keith (Chicago) on here. However, Karlsson deserved this award. People argue Hammond saved the life of Ottawa in the last few moments of the regular season, but it was really mostly Karlsson. He had 66 points this season (21 goals, 45 assists), and it was also his first season as Captain of his team, replacing former Senator Jason Spezza. He ranked third in average ice time in the NHL (27:15/game), and also led all NHL defenceman in points. Plus, I never really liked PK Subban. (But who does?)

  • Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

Awarded for?: Sportsmanship and excellence.

Nominees: Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit), Jiri Hudler (Calgary), and Anze Kopitar (Los Angeles)

Who Won?: Jiri Hudler (Calgary)

Opinion: All these players show class, but Patrice Bergeron shows more class, so where’s his name? Anywho, Hudler had career highs in points this season, and lead his team to the second round of the playoffs. If Giordano wasn’t Captain of the Flames, it would be Hudler. He’s very classy, and he had a very successful season, both with his team and as an individual.

  • Ted Lindsay Award

Awarded for?: League’s most outstanding player.

Nominees: Jamie Benn (Dallas), Alex Ovechkin (Washington), and Carey “The Beast” Price (Montreal)

Who Won?: Carey Price (Montreal) *duh*

Opinion: *look under Hart Memorial Trophy* nuff said.

  • Mark Messier Leadership Award

Awarded for?: Leadership and Community Activities.

Nominees: Andrew Ladd (Winnipeg), Jonathan Toews (Chicago), and Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim)

Who Won?: Jonathan Toews (Chicago)

Opinion: Even though I will never forgive Chicago for June 24th, 2013, Toews has a *very* small place (did I say small?) in my heart. I wanted Chicago to win over Tampa in the finals, cause I really really REALLY hate Steven Stamkos (don’t ask). Also, I would really like to mention, that Chicago also techincally beat out Ladd’s and Getzlaf’s teams on the road to the Stanley Cup. Jonathan Toews has done so much for the city of Chicago, has really given Chicago a place on the map since the beginning of his captaincy. He has basically created a modern day dynasty, with his 3 cups in 6 years.

  • NHL Foundation Player Award

Awarded for?: Award for Community enrichment.

Nominees: Brent Burns (San Jose), Henrik Lundqvist (NY Rangers), and Mark Giordano (Calgary)

Who Won?: Brent Burns (San Jose)

Opinion: I seriously think Burns won this award because he probably takes all the homeless animals he finds off the streets and keeps them, because apparently his house is like a small zoo, right? Plus, he could seriously donate that luscious non-playoff beard of his, and get even more kudos.

  • NHL General Manager of the Year Award

Awarded for?: *its pretty obvious*

Nominees: Glen Sather (NY Rangers), Steve Yzerman (Tampa), and Bob Murray (Anaheim)

Who Won?: Steve Yzerman (Tampa)

Opinion: I didn’t expect Tampa to get past the first round of the playoffs, let alone make it to the finals. He formed the infamous “Triplet line” of Johnson, Palat, and Kucherov that dominated for a majority of the season, and formed a team hat fucked up everyone’s playoff brackets. Thanks, Steve Yzerman.

  • Vezina Trophy

Awarded for?: Goaltender of the Year.

Nominees: Pekka Rinne (Nashville), Devan Dubnyk (Minnesota), and Carey (Again?) Price (Montreal)

Who Won?: Carey Price (Montreal)

Opinion: Look at “Hart Memorial Trophy” , if he won the Hart and the Lindsay Awards but not this, I would be shocked. I give huge kudos to Pekka Rinne for making me realize that Nashville actually had a team. I’m not that dumb guys.

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Frank J Selke Trophy

Awarded for?: Best Defensive Forward.

Nominees: Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins), Jonathan Toews (Chicago), and Anze Kopitar (Los Angeles)


Opinion: Take that Jonathan Toews. Bergeron now joins an elite group including Pavel Datsyuk, Guy Carbonneau, Jere Lehtinen, and Bob Gainey of winning the Selke three of more times. Plus, he’s pretty fucking classy. This trophy should be called “Patrice Bergeron’s Trophy’, because he practically owns it.


see you on October 8th!



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