Bruins Weekly Update: Week of June 14th


I have been pretty busy over this past week, but I am back!

I am currently dog sitting, working 30 hours at work, and also getting prepared for the UMass Summer Pre-college!

This day has been pretty chock full of updates on signings, and also the Preseason schedule has been released. For more information on any of these updates, I will typically retweet a link to a article about it on twitter (@bruinsatgahden).

Lets get started!

  • UFA and RFA update from Sweeney: This morning, on twitter, the Bruins released a number of tweets regarding the status of Adam McQuaid, Carl Soderberg, Dougie Hamilton, and Matt Bartkowski. On Soderberg, Sweeney suggests that it’s “Highly unlikely at this point in time that will be happening.”, and for Hamilton, “Obviously I’m not going to comment of contract negotiation.” Basically speaking, they are probably close to some kind of deal. According to an Article I found from The Score, the Bruins are very interested in resigning Adam McQuaid, which can show that Sweeney is going for a “Big Bad Bruins” type team next season possibly.
  • Preseason Schedule Announced: Today June 19th, the Bruins announced a seven game schedule to kick off the 2015-16 Preseason. The Full 2015-16 schedule will be announced on June 25th. The Games include:

Sunday September 20th: New Jersey Devils @ Bruins at Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI

Tuesday September 22nd: Washington Capitals @ Bruins

Thursday September 24th: New York Rangers @ Bruins

Saturday September 26th: Boston Bruins @ Detroit Red Wings

Monday September 28th: Detroit Red Wings @ Bruins

Wednesday September 30th: Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers

Friday October 2nd: Boston Bruins @ Washington Capitals

  • Bruins sign Cross & Randell: The Bruins announced that they signed Defenseman Tommy Cross and Forward Tyler Randell to one year, two way contracts. Cross played in Providence last season. Cross finished with 4 goals and 18 assists in 54 regular season games. Cross was drafted in 2007 in the second round. Randell also played in Providence last season, where he finished with 11 goals and 9 assists in 74 regular season games. Randell was drafted in 2009 in the sixth round.
  • 2024 Boston Olympic Bid Update: This might be random to some of you, but, Charlie Jacobs announced that the Gahden will be used as a venue for the Basketball and Gymnastics part of the Olympiad. Which is pretty great, because our black and gold seats will be used on an international stage.
  • Important Dates to remember: The 2015 NHL draft will take place June 26th-27th in Sunrise, Florida, home of the Florida Panthers. Free Agency begins July 1st. Bruins Development Camp takes place July 14th-July 17th.

Thats it folks! Like I said with the last weekly update, I update this once the week goes by, but since I am posting this on Saturday, I won’t be updating it!

Any post requests/comments/questions? Let me know it the comments section down below or on Twitter!

see you in SEPTEMBER. (yeah i went there)



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