All About ^AHC: Creator of Bruins at the Gahden

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I never really have much to say in these, but I thought I should introduce myself!

My name is Allie and I am currently a Senior at the University of Maine. I was also a member of the AHL Texas Stars Ice Patrol (promotions team) for two seasons.

I currently study Sports Marketing at Maine, along with working for the Athletic Department in Marketing and Analytics, focusing in all sports.

Did I mention I am from nowhere near Boston?

I’m from Austin, Texas, home of the Dallas Stars AHL affiliate, the Texas Stars!

I have been watching hockey for as long as I can remember. My dad was raised in Michigan and Philadelphia and grew up watching (as a penguins fan!), but I just fell in love with watching the sport. The Boston Bruins have always been a team that stood out to me. They are a team that never gives up, and neither do their fans. I love the camaraderie and the intensiveness of the game of hockey.

Considering I have never lived near Boston, I actually have been to a Bruins game!  My first NHL game was January 20th, 2015, which was a Bruins at Stars at the American Airlines Center. Bruins Fans outnumbered Stars Fans. It was great. I also had the amazing opportunity from the Boston Bruins and JetBlue to attend the Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes game on April 5th, 2016.

With my father recently retired from the military, my dad and I have more time to spend time with each other, and sometimes that means watching hockey games with me. He actually took me to my first game, just him and I, and it was great bonding time. He may not be a Bruins fan, but he’s not a fan of any team at all. He just watches the game, which I do sometimes as well. (I’m actually watching a Blackhawks vs Predators game as I type this.)

My favorite sports blogs include Weekend at Bergy’s, Days of Y’Orr, and Puck Daddy from Yahoo.

I hope you all enjoy my opinions, stories, and pre and post game overviews. I put my heart and soul into them, like the NHL players do on the ice. Being from Boston doesn’t mean I cannot be a Bruins fan. I am a Bruins fan in my heart and I always will.

fear the bear.



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