Is Hockey Wives necessary?: A Review


I’m Back everyone!

I have been away from the blogging world for a while, due to the fact that I just graduated High School!

Last week was filled with Final Exams, Graduation Parties, and Graduation. My graduating class had exactly 666 kids, which is kinda scary, right?

Anyways, I thought I would try something new with today’s blog post, and that is to venture into tv shows and entertainment.

I have seen so many Hockey Movies and TV shows. I own Miracle on DVD and have watched practically every Hockey related movie and documentary on Netflix.

The show I am reviewing today, isn’t on Netflix. Today, I am reviewing the hit Canadian reality series, Hockey Wives.

If you guys want to watch any of the episodes of this series, they are all on YouTube, that is where I watched them. If you live in Canada, I think this show is on CTV.

Hockey Wives is a eight episode reality series that follows the wives of 10 hockey players, both current and retired players. The players include:

Ryan Miller, Vancouver Canucks and Wife Noureen DeWulf

Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings, and Wife Nicole Brown

Brandon Prust, Montreal Canadiens, and Girlfriend Maripier Morin

George Parros, Retired Player, and Wife Tiffany Parros

Jonathan Bernier, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Fiance Martine Forget

Ray Whitney, Retired Player, and Wife Brijet Whitney

Jason LaBarbera, Anaheim Ducks, and Wife Kodette LaBarbera

Jonathon Blum, Minnesota/Iowa Wild, and Wife Emilie Blum

Ben Scrivens, Edmonton Oilers, and Wife Jenny Scrivens

Dave Tippett, Arizona Coyotes Coach, and Wife Wendy Tippett

This show focuses on the Behind the Scenes of Hockey Life, and shows you the hardships of being a Hockey Family. I can sort-of relate to this, because I grew up in a Military family. It’s interesting to see how all of their lives connect in one way or another. It really comes to show that their lives aren’t all glitz and glam, it really can be stressful.

At first, I heard about this show, and I laughed. I was expecting something like “Desperate Housewives” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, but really this show gives me another Point of View of the Hockey World. Hockey Players give up seeing their own families to please fans and for their chance at winning the Stanley Cup. The players may be tough on the ice, but most of them have Kids and Families at home, and would do anything to be with them.

This show also gives a sneak peek into what retiring really does to a Hockey Family. Ray Whitney and George Parros both announced their Retirements during the duration of the show. Money doesn’t exactly “flow” the way it did when they played hockey. The Parros family did Clothing Lines, which was really cool to see the behind the scenes of that as well.

The Final Question: Is it a must watch?: I say Yes. I am saying this because it really discusses the hardships and stresses, and what playing professional hockey really does to a family. Eight Episodes really got me hooked, and I am glad that they renewed the show for a second season. I really hope they bring in other families as well. Maybe even a Bruins player?

This is something to keep up with in the off-season. For me, the off-season gives me a chance to catch up on my sports history, watch documentaries, and discuss potential contracts.

If you guys want me to do a post full of my favorite Hockey related TV episodes, Movies, and Documentaries, let me know! I can talk about it all day if someone will let me hahah.

Any Questions/Comments? Tweet me! (@bruinsatgahden)

see you in october!



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