How should be Bruins approach Free Agency? PART TWO

Tomorrow is June 1st, meaning that Free Agency is one month away.

For those new hockey fans around, Free Agency is basically the end of a contract year. For an example, if a player signs a 1 year deal in the beginning of the year, July 1st is when that deal ends.

I did a previous blog post explaining who are the UFAs/RFAs on the Bruins Roster, so check that out if you will!

This post will be discussing players from other teams who are scheduled to become Free Agents when July 1st hits, and who will be a good fit for the Bruins.

I have been putting this post off for a day, as I planned on doing this last night. BUT, the fights I planned for my July trip were having some issues, so I had to fix that.

Quick Disclaimer: Some of these players may not be YOUR ideal signings, but they are mine, these are my opinions.

First: What do the Bruins need to gain during Free Agency?

We need Defense and a little bit of offense. Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg aren’t as good as they used to be. They are starting to hit their mid 30’s and the both also came back from major injuries. They are both strong, tough, and physical players, but they lost their stride this season, and I strongly believe that we need someone to cancel them out.

Offense-wise: Our first two lines are strong. But our bottom two: not so much. Considering the fact that the Bruins are not resigning Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille, it would be good to look for a good all-around bottom six player. Someone who scores more consistently would be nice.

Our goaltending could possibly be something to look at in the near future, however, I feel like that aspect of the team is really strong. It’s obvious that Tuukka Rask will be the starter next year, but when it comes to prospects, we have Zane McIntyre, who recently just finished a strong NCAA career at UND and we also have Malcolm Subban, who is someone to watch, even though his first NHL start wasn’t very great.

Second: Who are the players that can fit the mold?

Francois Beauchemin, Anaheim Ducks:

He has been a reliable player on the Anaheim Ducks Blue line, and he has been leading his team on ice time. Keep in mind though, he is 35 years old. He is a strong defenseman, but he knows how to pass the puck, and his team, the ducks, have been pretty successful in the West as of recently. The Anaheim blue line is really young, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Anaheim didn’t resign him.

Antoine Vermette, Chicago Blackhawks:

Vermette has been a mixed bag since arriving to Chicago from Arizona at the trade deadline. He was a healthy scratch in the playoffs, but when he’s not a scratch, his line in Chicago has proven to be dynamic at times. He goes from press box to overtime hero in the playoffs. Vermette was successful in the mess we call the Arizona Coyotes, and if he can be successful there, he can probably be successful anywhere. During the trade deadline, his name was heard around Boston Bruins trade rumors at the deadline, but Chiarelli did not want to give up our first round pick to get him, which is what Arizona wanted. Chicago was willing to risk it, but so far, the risk is having it’s rewards.

Mike Green, Washington Capitals:

I can dream, right? Mike Green is 29 years old, and is also a decent defenseman. He had 38 points this season, and he was a plus player (+15), which is something we really need. However, he comes with a pretty big cap hit, and he has a strong desire to stay in Washington. The main reason I put him on this list is because the Caps still need to sign a bunch of players, like Braden Holtby, Joel Ward, and Marcus Johansson, and Green could be the last one to think about when it comes to that long list of players they need to sign.

Matt Beleskey, Anaheim Ducks:

Matt Beleskey was linked to some rumors involving the Bruins at the Trade Deadline this past March, but nothing happened. Beleskey is a pending UFA. He plays with grit, and he creates fear in his oppenents, which I like. I think that the Bruins should look for more physical and gritty players (Like Max Talbot), and Beleskey is a great fit for that type of style. He also scored 22 goals this season, and had 32 points. Plus, he is still really young and has room to improve.

Jeff Petry, Montreal Canadiens

The main reason I included Petry in this post is that fact that he is a right shot forward. The Bruins have an overload of left shot forwards, and hardly any right shots. Jeff Petry started the season in Edmonton, but he wasn’t playing too hot there, so the Oilers traded him to Montreal, and that seemed to do the trick. He was surrounded by great defensive talent in Montreal, and played a great amount of minutes. He showed his potential in Montreal, something he couldn’t do in Edmonton.

Honorable Mentions: Curtis Glencross (Washington Capitals), Andrej Sekera (Los Angeles Kings), Brent Seabrook (Chicago Blackhawks)

I gave Seabrook an Honaorable Mention because I believe that the Blackhawks WILL resign him, because he is an All Star, and an All Around great defenseman. Plus, Chicago is in the Cup Finals, so we will see until AFTER the Finals.

If you guys have any questions or comments about this post, post them down below or tweet me on Twitter (@bruinsatgahden).

see you in october



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