Social Media and NHL Playoff Updates


(This is my picture from the Dallas vs Boston game on Jan 20th!)

First off, to appeal to the public, I NOW HAVE A TWITTER.

I’m not a big social media person, to be honest. I’m probably the only person at my school who uses my yahoo account for something OTHER than email.

My twitter link is @bruinsatgahden! I couldn’t do my whole “Bruins at the gahden” handle, cause it was too long for twitter, which is stupid.

I will most likely tweet when I am not blogging, cause sending out tweets is faster than typing out a whole blog post!


– The Hawks won Game 6 of their series with the Ducks with a score of 5-2, to force the nail biting Game 7. I swear this series is more intense than the USA-Iceland game at the end of Mighty Ducks 2…

-The San Jose Sharks are really close to signing Peter DeBoer, former New Jersey Devils coach. Like so close that they called a press conference for tomorrow.

– Bill Foley, the businessman leading the effort to bring a NHL team to Las Vegas is aware that the NHL wants a Local owner, since he is based in Florida. I just pray Vegas doesn’t get a team, bring a team to Quebec City instead?

– Adam McQuaid, isn’t interested in leaving us. Our fanbase is THAT awesome, you guys. He has spent his entire career in our lovely city, and so far, is slated to become a UFA on July 1st. He appeared in 63 games this season, missing some with a broken thumb. He recorded one goal and six assists.

– An actual issue with the Blackhawks? I’m all over it. It’s two words, SALARY CAP. (I consider those words no no words in my household)

– Talks with the Minnesota Wild and Devan Dubnyk are starting this week. I expect a huge pay raise, and possibly long term. He saved the Wild from the bottom, and is now a Vezina Trophy Nominee with Pekka Rinne and Carey Price. I shall call him the Minnesota Miracle Jouneyman of the NHL.

– Sabres are meeting with former Stanley Cup winning Coach Dan Bylsma, of the once good Pittsburgh Penguins. I feel like the Sabres have just about met every big name in the coaching free agency.They probably mentioning bringing the buffaslug back and it’s scaring all the potential coaches (like Babcock?) away?

see you in october



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