recently fired Peter Chiarelli offered Oilers job: REPORT


Former Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli may actually be wanted.

Poor Edmonton, can you get any worse?

Before you say, Connor McDavid is screwed, it is not confirmed that it will be a General Manager Job, because that role is still filled within the Oilers Management by Craig MacTavish. Chiarelli met with Oilers management this week, after being fired last week after missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2006-07 season. The Bruins missed the playoffs by two points.

It is speculated that Chiarelli is going to be offered either the General Manager Position or could be the new President of Hockey Operations. There will be a press conference Friday to clarify more about the hiring and how the Oilers organization will be going forward.

Ever since the Seguin trade, I hated Chiarelli. The Boychuk trade just plain put me over the edge.

bye useless chiarelli, enjoy last place next year 🙂

see you in october



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