My Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket 2015: Round One


I honestly feel weird cheering for other teams then just the Bruins.

Now that the Bruins are not in the playoffs, it gives me an opportunity to watch teams that I don’t watch often, or in some cases, cheer for. There is one series that I am not cheering for any team, but I am just watching it because all hockey is good hockey, am I right? I live in a state that has a Western Conference Team, but I will mostly likely always cheer for East. The team in my state isn’t even in the playoffs, so I can’t even attend any games, which kind of sucks.

The playoff part of the NHL season has always been my favorite. I love the camaraderie and the intensity that the playoffs bring. The players play to their potential (mostly!) and the fans are wild for the long series that lies ahead. I love it. Four games or seven, the fans go all out.

I created a Stanley Cup Playoff bracket on, I doubt I will win anything, but it’s worth a shot! I highly reccomend making one there as well, it’s pretty organized, and you can compete with other fellow hockey fans and see how your bracket compares!

This is not an ad. *pinky promise*

Without further ado, here is my bracket!


New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Games Predicted: 5

Reason: The Rangers are looking for revenge from last seasons loss in the Finals to the Kings. The Rangers are stacked in goal, Lundqvist has always been on fire, especially in a playoff situation. Cam Talbot, was on fire during the regular season, when Lundqvist was out with a vascular injury. With newcomers like Kevin Hayes, and newly aquired defenseman Keith Yandle, the Rangers are stacked all over. The Penguins may have superstars Crosby and Malkin, but in the end, the Rangers will prevail.

Current Series Record: Rangers Lead 2 to 1.

New York Islanders vs Washington Capitals

Games Predicted: 7

Reason: I have slowly learned to love the Islanders. The Islanders missed the playoffs last season. With newly aquired Defenseman Johnny Boychuk and Goalie Jaroslav Halak from the summer transactions, the Islanders have never been better. I truly understand that the Capitals have Ovechkin, but the Isles have Tavares. Ovechkin won this years Rocket Richard Trophy and Tavares was the Runner Up for the Art Ross Trophy. I expect this series to be seven games because both teams are pretty good, and seem to have a lot of support from their fans.

Current Series Record: Series Tied 2 to 2.

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators

Games Predicted: 4

Reason: Hate to bust your playoff hopes Ottawa. This game is actually the game where I am not cheering for any team. I don’t like either team, so I have no reason to. However, I am pretty sure the Canadiens will win this series. With stellar goaltending from Carey Price, who I believe will win this years Vezina, and rock solid defense led by PK Subban, the Canadiens seem to be Rock Solid. It actually hurts me to praise the Canadiens….

Also, shout out to the random Canadien Fan spotted at the Jets v Ducks game in Winnipeg. It was a White Out, and he wore a White Habs Jersey. You go bro.

Current Series Record: Montreal leads 3 to 0

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Detroit Red Wings

Games Predicted: 6

Reason: This one was hard to pick a winner, I admit it. Both teams are pretty good, but the Bruins also beat each of these teams at least twice each. I picked the Red Wings because their goaltending seems to be in a better situation than Tampa’s. Petr Mazek seems to be doing pretty spectacular in goal, even though Bishop is pretty good. The Red Wings also have great play from Tatar, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg. I feel like Tampa is primarily a young team, and Detroit is a  good mix of Veterans and Youngsters. That is one of the main reasons I chose Detroit over Tampa.


Anaheim Ducks vs Winnipeg Jets

Games Predicted: 5

Reason: I am fully aware that the Ducks already lead 3 games to none, but with the next game in Winnipeg, I believe that Winnipeg can win that last game at home. This is the first time the Jets have made the playoffs since the move up north. The fans have been waiting for this moment. I give props to the Jets, their play has been great so far this season. The Ducks, however, won the Western Conference and have been on fire all season. Forwards Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Ryan Kesler have been great for this team. The Goaltending for both teams has been on point as well.

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks

Games Predicted: 6

Reason: Both of these teams missed the playoffs last season, meaning they have something to play for. The Flames have Rookie Johnny Gaudreau, who has been on fire this season. The goaltending situation for both teams has been a little iffy all season, with Ryan Miller out for the Canucks with an injury. That didn’t stop the canucks this season. I expect at least a 6 game series with these two teams, because they both have great mix of young and old, and they also have spectacular fowards. (I’m looking a you Gaudreau and Horvat!) Also, it’s good to point out that all rivalries between Canadian teams are some of the most intense.

Saint Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild

Games Predicted: 6

Reason: The only reason the Wild was ranked in the regular season how they are is because they hit a bumpy road in the beginning of the Regular season. Once goaltender Devan Dubnyk came around, everything was fixed. The Wild started to win again and the fans started to believe again. The Wild climbed their way into a playoff spot, and I believe that they will go far. With the goaltending situation in St. Louis a little unsure ATM, the Wild has everything in place. Great Goaltending, Defense and Offense. The Blues may have Vladmir Tarasenko, but the Wild has Zach Parise, Jason Pominville, Mikael Granlund, AND Devan Dubnyk on top of that. I feel like Minnesota is going to make a run for it.

Nashville Predators vs Chicago Blackhawks

Games Predicted: 7

Reason: The Blackhawks always find a way. With Patrick Kane back from is clavicle injury that we thought was going to take longer and decent goaltending from the goalie out of no where Scott Darling, the Chicago Blackhawks know what they are doing to kick America’s Favorite Hockey Team to the Dust. This season, the Preds came out of no where, with spectacular play from Pekka Rinne and a stellar young defense led by Shea Weber, the Predators are on fire, with spectacular saves and Hard Shots. This team came out of no where and did way better than was expected of them. I give them a HUGE round of applause for beating those odds.

Well, that was a lot of typing for one night!

Once Round Two comes around, I will analyze my Round One predictions and make brand new ones for Round Two!

I know that this isn’t Bruins related, but it’s hockey related, and it’s really hard to actually post otherwise.

I miss the Bruins, and the playoffs don’t seem right without them.

In Bruins Related News, Zdeno Chara played the last three games of the season with a fractured ankle, and that just proves how hockey players are definitely tougher than athletes of any other sport.

see you all in October!



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