How can the Bruins make the playoffs? MY OPINION



Long time, no see Bruins fans.

Senior year is taking a toll on me, and I haven’t found a time to post.


With the playoffs starting soon, most teams have clinched a berth into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Most of the teams in the East (NYR, Washington, Tampa, and Montreal) have clinched their spots and are secured. Others (Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and BOSTON) , however are in a sudden death type scanerio, if they lose a game, they. ARE. DONE. This is the most intense pre-playoffs I have seen. Here are some things that Boston needs to do, in order to have a long run for the Stanley Cup.

Number One: Why is Ottawa an Issue all of a sudden?

YES, Ottawa has been a shock to practically everyone in the 2nd half of the season. With stellar play from Andrew Hammond and great defense led by Erik Karlsson, this team seems to be unstoppable. That is, until recently. With their most recent game being a 3-2 Shootout loss to Toronto, be Sens are barely holding on for the race for the playoffs.

If the Ottawa Senators lose to the also struggling Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday, that could mean they are out of a playoff spot, guaranteeing a playoff spot for the remaining Eastern conference teams, meaning Boston will be in the playoffs. ICYMI, Ottawa’s game in hand was the Toronto game.

Number Two: Keep lines intact.

If you follow the Bruins on Twitter (@nhlbruins), look at the statuses when they post practice rushes. It kind of tells you that CJ likes to change things around. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand have stayed on the same line practically all season, and lately, the Lucic-Spooner-Pastrnak line has stayed in tact. Today, in practice the lines were:


Lucic-Krejci-Pastrnak (the precious line of marvelousness is gone)



If you noticed, Krejci and Lucic are back together, and Eriksson got bumped up to the Bergeron Line. Soderberg and Smith went to the 4th, and Paille went to the 3rd. Typically, Eriksson and Soderberg are together, and Paille is typically on the 4th line. With the addition of Brett Connolly recently, we have had to have 2 forwards scratched per game, most of the time being Daniel Paille and Gregory Campbell.


YES! It’s that simple. Some games (ex: October 28th 4-3 Loss to Minnesota), seem to be lost in the last period of the game. The Bruins play hard in the beginning, but seem to lose it out in end. In order to keep a lead, is TO PLAY TILL THE END. This is one thing that’s causing the Bruins from being President’s Trophy Winners to barely making the Playoffs. It’s that simple.

BONUS PART: Where are the other teams standing?





For the most part, NYI is going into playoffs, but there is a three way tie between Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Boston.






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